Sunday, January 12, 2014

Happy 2014

Well, its a new year and time for me to get back to blogging. It is such a good way to document what is going on with our family and I have really slacked the last two years. 2013 was a crazy year filled with a lot of changes. We have built a house in Herriman and we are really liking the new area. I am so excited for 2014, because I think this is the year for me! The boys are both getting to school age and I have the opportunity to start thinking about what I want to do with myself. I have decided to start working on getting my teaching license renewed so when Dylan is ready to begin school, I can start too-as a teacher! I  plan to get a social studies composite endorsement so I can teach middle or high school social studies, geography, psychology, or sociology. I loved teaching theatre but the time commitment with a family is not something I want to try and juggle. Ideally I would love to teach part time. I found out I can take online courses through USOE for free! I am so excited and start this Thursday. Clint and I also talked about what we would like to focus on this year and here's our list....

Get Healthy-Eat better and get into an exercise routine.

Spice things up-Be open to try new things and have new adventures.

Short and hopefully doable. So far we are off to a great start! I have always wanted to sign up to take a love and logic class together, so I have gotten on it, found a sitter (Grandparents rock) and made it happen. We start this week. We also decided we really need to make our relationship a priority, and now that the boys are getting older, it is so much easier to make that happen. The plan is to have a date night at least once a month and shake things up a bit by trying some new things. Friday I planned our first date of the year. We went to the Galivan Center and went Ice Skating. then to Dinner some where new, and a movie. We had a blast!
And who knew we would be so good at it..he he.
Here's to a great new year with many new Adventures!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Flag Football

 This year we started Arlo in Flag football. Clint was the coach and had a great time with the kids. This was the first time for a large portion of the group so it was hilarious to watch them play. By the end of the season it was so cool to see how much the game started clicking and how much they had improved.
Dad getting the boys riled up
Arlo doing some good defense
The boys getting ready for a kick off
Grandma & Grandpa coming to support.

Trick or Treat!

 Had a great Halloween this year as always. Per our annual tradition we got together with The sis and her family and Amber & Flint's cute little family. We had a great time.

What a cute group!
Hailey & the Babies
Really? how are they this cute?
Dad and Arlo being scarry together
Amber and her cute boys.
Grandma Georgett, Aunt Heather and the rest of the gang.
after we were done Clint and the boys sat on the porch to scare trick or treaters and give out candy. I think they may have even had a funner time doing that than trick or treating!

Fall Harvest and Halloween parades

This year we decided to try and grow pumpkins in our garden. It was SO FUN and we got quite a few. Heres some pics of my fall harvest.
Cute little pumpkin in my cute little patch
yummy! fresh tomatioes, peppers and Jalapeno's

My pumpkin pickin his pumpkin

 This year we had Halloween parades for both boys. It was so fun!
Dyl catching sight of mom & dad
Dyl not lookin to happy to parade around
The kids watching the teacher make witches brew
Dyl & Dad making scary faces
Mom & Dyl
Dyl getting ready to watch Arlo's halloween parade
Dyl & Grandma
A really blurry pic of Arlo in his costume
The treats I made for his class

Dyl's Birthday at Grandma & Grandpa's

 Here's some pics of Dyl's partay and Grandma & Grandpa's house.
The fam with cousin will
Dyl's Huge new Dino (this has been a big hit)
Getting ready to make a wish
Cute cousins.

Dylan's 3rd Birthday

 Shortly after Arlo's b-day Dylan was ready to celebrate his. Heres som pics of his special day.
Dyl's school celebration
Dyl not appreciating the spotlight
Enjoying his doughnuts mom brought for the class
His superhero table
Dyl wanted grilled cheese. So dad did it gormet style. We had different types of bread & cheeses YUM!
The fam celebrating with us
Dyl loving ET
Opening pressents.
Finally being reunited with Daphne
Getting ready to blow out his candles.
The kids (and clint) getting crazy with some muzak

  What a great birthday. We love you Dy

Friday, December 21, 2012

My Baby starting Pre-School

There were lots of changes around here this oldest Arlo going into 1st grade and my baby Dylan going to preschool! Dyl turned 3 in September, so he will be the oldest in his grade when he goes to school, the opposite of Arlo who is the youngest in his grade. This means I've got 3 more years until he enters kindergarten.  I debated on weather to start preschool this year or just wait one more year. We ended up going with this year. The main reason is I wanted him to be able to go through school with his buddy Chase. When Arlo was in pre-school he made best buddies with a boy in his class Isiah. His mom and I became friends and we are all good friends to this day. Her little one chase was entering this fall so we decided to send Dyl as well. Both of my boys but have been momma's boys big time and had a hard time at first with the preschool thing. I thought it would be different with Dyl because he is not as shy as Arlo was and is extremely social. I was wrong. Still there are mornings asks if he can stay with me. However, he has really become attached to one of his teachers and absolutely loves it when he is there. Every time I come get him he is all smiles and tells me about the fun things he did that day. It's just that initial separation he struggles with. I think having gone through it with Arlo helps me to keep perspective with Dyl. I see him really thriving and enjoying it there although leaving me is hard. This is the first time since the boys were born that I have had a few hours to myself a couple times a week. It has been really nice and I find that I am recharged when I get my little ones back. Here are some pics of my baby on his first day.

My Baby in his first day of school attire
Trying to humor mommy for pics
And he's done
Squinty sun eye pic
playing with the bus while waiting to start class
my baby sitting very apprehensively at rug time
this pic says it all